Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Week In Chess Reports Malaysian Open 2010

8 September 2010, Kuala Lumpur – The recently concluded 7th IGB Dato’  Arthur Tan Malaysian Chess Open 2010 has been seen to be reported on The Week In Chess website!


You may visit the website “The Week In Chess” or click here. A sampling of the chess games up to round 6 can be found there as per the official website


Neles said...

Heard that quite a number of GM and IM norm attained in this round of DATMO.

Why is the list not published?

Say Long

Firey_rook said...

Thanks for the comment. I have referred this matter to the arbiters and they promise me that they send me a list of the players that achieved GM and IM norms during the DATMO, later tonight as the arbiters were in a meeting currently. :)

Neles said...

Great to hear that :)

Just wish we would still have DATMO 8th edition... since Dato Tan announced retirement :(

Firey_rook said...
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Firey_rook said...

Dear Neles (Say Long),
I have published the GM/IM norms achieved during DATMO on this blog. Please read "Norms At DAT Malaysian Open" article. Information courtesy of Najib Wahab, arbiter for the event.
Best regards,