Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ronnie’s Game Against IM Mok

9 September 2010, Kuala Lumpur – In the last round of the Dato’ Arthur Tan Malaysian Open 2010 held during the recently concluded Malaysian Chess Festival at the CitiTel Mid-Valley Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Ronnie Lim of Penang met IM Mok-Tze Meng.

IM Mok made two piece sacrifice for the initiative for an attack on the black’s king at moves 12 and 14. The Sicilian Najdorf opening transpired.


Pix 1. First white sacrifice at move 12, white played 12. Nxd5.


Pix 2. Second sacrifice at move 14, white played 14. Bb5.


Pix 3. Fritz analysed white’s 22nd move as a blunder. 22.Rd5? Fritz suggest that 22. Qf5 Bd6 23.b3 slightly better but still winning for black.

White continued with a few more checks on white, however, he ran out of checks and black took over.


Pix 4. Black attacks with a check on white with 30…Nc3+. At this point, black has four pieces against white’s two rooks. A definite winning position for black at this stage. White played two more moves and resigned.


A well played game by Ronnie Lim who played safe and was rewarded with a win.

IM Mok was gunning a win from the word go but took too much risks and found them wanting and to no avail.

Diagram to the left shows the last position after the 32nd move by white. White played 32. Rd8.  0-1 to black.

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