Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yusof Yasnain Is Winner Of UTM Skudai Open Category

26 September 2010, Skudai - At the Open Category UTM SKUDAI - 1st Yusof Yasnain, 2nd Mohd Faizal, 3rd Herman Rahman,4th Eddy Kwan,5th Than Khang Chee, 6th Kristopher,7th Marzuki, 8th Ilyas, 9th Nur Syawaludin, 10th Nasrul Humaimi. There were a total of 24 participants for the Open category with 6 round Swiss Rapid play.

A picture of Yusof Yasnain (courtesy of naserobbc’s blog) receiving his prize is shown left. He received his winnings from the competition’s sponsors at the UTM First Sunday Chess last Sunday, 26 September 2010.

To see more pictures and a complete report of the event, please visit or click here.

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