Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mc Shane Surprise Win Over Carlsen!

9 December 2010, Kuala Lumpur – At the London Chess Classic 2010, Luke McShane made a surprise win over GM Magnus Carlsen during the first round of the London Chess Classic 2010 at the Olympia Conference Center, Kensington, London. Kramnik and Michael Adams won their games, while Vishy Anand drew against Hikaru Nakamura during the first round of play.
McShane had a rook, a bishop and four connected pawns as opposed to white’s bishop pair and four connected kingside pawns. White just played 39.Bb3+ and the game ends heavily in favour of white if black plays 39…Bxb3, then 40.Rxb3 +-. Brilliant game by McShane!

Vladimir Kramnik playing as black against Short gets a win here! Black has an advanced black pawn at e2 with both sides having two rooks, a queen and three pawns.
World Champion Vishy Anand gets a draw against Nakamura. White has four pawns to blacks to two with both sides having a bishop which ended in a draw.
Here is the last remaining game between Adams and Howell with a win for Adams.
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