Monday, December 13, 2010

Lim Chong Awarded Post Humous Award

DatoTanCNandLimChong 13 December 2010, Kuala Lumpur – In today’s The Star, the late Lim Chong, author of Chess Overboard column in the, was awarded the post-humous award, AMS, by the Sultan of Selangor.

The Star reported today that “ The wife of the late Bernama sub-editor Lim Chong was moved to tears when he was given a posthumous award in conjunction with Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah’s 65th birthday.

The Darjah Kebesaran Ahli Mahkota Selangor (AMS) was accepted on Lim’s behalf by his son Yew Seng, 22, yesterday.

Tan Hong See, 50, said she was proud of her late husband’s achievements and contributions as a journalist.

“He should have been here to take the award himself,” she told reporters at the Istana Alam Shah yesterday.

On Nov 23, 56-year-old Lim died of a heart attack on his return flight to Malaysia after a three-day assignment in London.

“It has been two weeks since I lost my husband. It is very difficult for me and my son,” Tan said.

“I am sure he will be proud of it,” said Tan, who bakes cakes as a hobby.

The Sultan of Selangor spent some moments speaking to Yew Seng during the conferment.

“The Sultan was very courteous. Tuanku asked me how we were holding up and whether we were all right,” he said.

Lim was awarded the AMS along with 27 other recipients.”


To read the news article from today’s The Star, please click here.

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