Friday, November 5, 2010

Shirov on World’s Top 5 Chess Players!

image 5 November 2010, Kuala Lumpur – GM Alexei Shirov of Spain, born a Latvian,  was interviewed recently by crestbook and was asked his opinion of the World’s Top 5 chess players.

kif: Alexei, how would you describe in one or two words (whatever comes to mind first) each of the top 5?

1. Veselin Topalov. Veselin’s play displays an extraordinary amount of commitment, a constant striving to realize his abilities to the maximum extent.
2. Viswanathan Anand. An extremely deep sense of dynamics, and the most rapid and precise calculation.
3. Levon Aronian. The most successful player with an ultra-aggressive style. He achieves this result thanks to his rare intuition in the sharpest positions.
4. Magnus Carlsen. A very multifaceted player with an outstanding sense of the endgame. You never know what key he is going to play in.
5. Vladimir Kramnik. An extremely strong analyst.



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