Monday, November 8, 2010

Malaysia Win Gold At APSSO, Indonesia

8 November 2010, Kuala Lumpur – Just read a Filipino news on ASEAN chess where their Pinay (girls) chess players won gold. However, I discovered from this piece of news that Malaysia won the boys’ gold at the Asean Primary School Sports Olympiad (APSSO) annual chess event held in Jakarta, Indonesia and participated by 10 ASEAN countries.
A snippet of the news is shown below!
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Raymond Siew said...

Was it Li Tian?

Firey_rook said...

Based on my post on the 10th Nov 2010, I gather it is Yeoh Li Tian.
Pls visit this posting to confirm it

Also saw on TV3, 8pm, 10th Nov 2010, DPM shaking hands with Malaysian athletes and chess players for winning 9 gold medals in total at APSSO, Indonesia. Well done to Malaysia! :)