Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Malaysia Won 6 Gold, 2 Bronze At Chess APSSO!

image 11 November 2010, Kuala Lumpur – Latest news: Malaysia won 6 Gold and 2 Bronze medals at the recently concluded ASEAN Primary School Sports Olympiad (APSSO) in Jakarta, Indonesia held 4-10th November 2010.

Yeoh Li Tian won 3 gold medals in individual events (classical, rapid & blitz), WFM Nur Najiha bt Azman Hisham won two bronze medals in individual event (Classical and Rapid).

The Malaysian team consisting of Yeoh Li Tian, Nur Najiha, Faizal Roslan and Harlif b Haniff won three team gold medals (Classical, Rapid & Blitz) events.

Officially, Malaysia won 4 gold medals and 2 bronze medals as the blitz events do not count!

APSSO, is an annual sports competition event at elementary level which was created to improve and develop sports at an early age to promote an intelligent and strong young generation that foster friendship, sportsmanship and respect with fellow athletes. It is participated by 10 countries - Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Brunei and Philippines. Included also in the competition are sports event football, table tennis, badminton and athletics.

Boys Standard – Final Rankings, APSSO 2010.


Final Rankings for Girls Standard, APSSO 2010.


To see more results, please visit or click here.

(source: sms from Haslindah Ruslan, MCF and hairul’s blog)

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