Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Luke McShane Wins Remco Heite Tournament

Luke McShane, (by Rene Olthorf) 30 November 2010, Kuala Lumpur – At the Remco Heite Chess Tournament in Wolvega, Netherlands, GM Luke McShane from the United Kingdom won with 3.5/5 pts beating five other highly rated chess players. Anish Giri finished in second spot with 3.0/5 pts. The tournament is held once every two years and with conjuction with a school chess tournament in the Netherlands.

To read more, please visit chessvibes.com or click here.
Official website : http://www.heiteschaaktoernooi.nl/
Games in PGN via TWIC


Raymond Siew said...

Hey Sham,

Excellent work. May I ask if you can also post up as many latest games as possible so our players can be current to what is going on in the International arena?

Firey_rook said...

Hey Raymond,

Will try Raymond.
It is these GM tournaments that makes life and chess interesting.


Raymond Siew said...

Thanks man. You are doing a great job telling us what is happening in the world. The games will keep our players current.