Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upcoming Chess Events

19 October 2010, Kuala Lumpur – Here are a few upcoming planned chess events organised by Cheras Chess Academy (kids-for-chess blogger) in the months of November and December 2010 for chess enthusiasts to consider:-


The events are as follows:
(a) 2nd Jalan Davidson Chess Open 2010 (14 Nov. Sunday)
      Age-group tournament in KL (1 day rapid chess event)
      (under-9, under -12 and under-16 with separate categories and prizes
       for boys and girls)
Entry fee:  RM 12 for all categories
                    RM 10 (from SJK (c) Jalan Davidson)
Please click here for the forms.

(b) 2nd November Rating Tournament 2010
20 to 24 November 2010)
     FIDE rated 7 round Swiss tournament
     Classical time control - 2 hours each to the finish.
Open to all FIDE rated players with an ELO
     rating of 1950 and below, and also to un-rated FIDE

Entry fee: RM 50 for rated players & RM 80 for un-rated players

Please click here for 2nd November Rating Tournament 2010.


(c) 8th Kids for Chess Camp on the 1st & 2nd of December 2010
      Venue: Pandan Lake Club, Pandan Perdana, KL
      Fee: A flat rate of RM 90 per player for any level
      Levels: Absolute beginner, Beginner, Intermediate
               & Aspiring Tournament Player.
      Certificates for all participants.There will also be prizes for those
      who perform well in the training sessions.
      Morning break and lunch provided. Click here for flyer.


Entry forms and other details can be gotten from Colin Madhavan’s website,  www.kids4chess.com.

Or contact  Collin,

Tel: 03-91316474 & Hp: 016-2123578

Website: www.kids4chess.com

(email from Collin Madhavan, geodat@yahoo.com)

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