Saturday, October 9, 2010

Full National Rating October 2010

9 October 2010, Kuala Lumpur – The full National Rating of Malaysian chess players (including foreign players who have played in Malaysia) for the month of October 2010 has been released by Mr. Lim Tse Pin, Malaysia’s Rating Officer.
Please visit these links to see the full list :
For those who wish to see who are our top 100 juniors in Malaysia, please click here.
Please take note that 6 duplicate names have been removed and have their respective ratings adjusted accordingly that had appeared in the Rating Changes for the period July to Sept 2010 List that was uploaded earlier on fireyrook, chess-in-malaysia  and at Lim Tse Pin’s blog ( A new copy of this list can be downloaded from here.
A friendly reminder from Mr.Lim Tse Pin to chess players and tournament directors:
For events (Oct to Dec 2010) that you would like to submit for rating
purposes, please use the naming convention in the list. Also, please
use MCF rating for any foreign players (who possess MCF rating) who
play in our locally rated tournament. This is for rating calculation
purposes and better seeding accuracy.  This is a norm practice in any
country who has their own rating system.
So continue to have fun playing chess! See you at your local chess tournaments!

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