Sunday, October 24, 2010

Economist-SGSEU-1 Is Winner Of ECC 2010

Click to view full size image24 October 2010, Plovdiv – Economist-SGSEU-1 was proclaimed the champions of the 26th European Club Cup 2010 which ended in a draw against rivals, Yugra of Russia. The seventh round produce draws on the top two tables. Both Economist and SOCAR drew against their respective opponents on tables 1 and 2 in the seventh round of the European Chess Club Cup 2010 in Bulgaria.

Meanwhile Baden-Baden OSG of Germany played to form by beating Mika Yerevan 3.5-2.5 on the third table. Board 4 played by GM Naiditsch Arkaidij of Baden-Baden was decisive. Naiditsch beat Pashikian 1-0.


Board pairing results of round 7, ECC 2010 is shown below.


Final Rankings of European Club Cup 2010 Open Category.


To see more results, please visit the following link :-  (Open) (women)


(photo by Boyko Hristov

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