Sunday, October 31, 2010

Malaysia Finish With 10 Draws, 2 Wins, WYCC 2010

31 October 2010, Porto Carras, Greece – In the last eleventh round of play of the World Youth Chess Championship 2010, Malaysia finish with 10 draw and 2 wins. The wins coming from Aron Teh Eu Wen and WFM Nur Najiha bt Azman Hisham. Despite not winning any medals in all age groups, Malaysia finished creditably in most age-groups. Chess is not viewed as an important sport in Malaysia and our ranking reflects this perspective.

Malaysia’s best performer was Puteri Rifqah Fahada bt Azhar (Girls U10) with 7.5 points out of 11 in 11th position, the best and highest among the participating Malayisan chess contingent in this year’s World Youth Chess Championship 2010.

Second-best performer was Wong Yinn Long with 7.0 points, finishing in 19th spot in the Open U08. Third best performer belongs to Aron Teh Eu Wen with 7.0 points, finishing in 31st spot in the Open U12 category.

The other three girls comprising of WCM Nur Nabila bt Azman Hisham, WFM Nur Najiha bt Azman Hisham and Camilia bt Johari came in with 38th, 38th and 40th positions in the U14 and U12 respectively.

The next bracket of girls comprising of Zainoor Ikmal bt Mohd Noor (Girls U08) and Nur Islamurni bt Yahaya (Girls U08) ended with 5.0 and 5.5 points, finished in 48th and 43rd posiitons.

The tables below summarises the 11 rounds of play for each individual Malaysian chess player’s performance and the final 11th round result.


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