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Boys Brought Three Wins In Round 4 Results, World Youth Chess Championship 2010

Click to view full size image24 October 2010, Chalkidiki, Greece – At the World Youth Chess Championship 2010, the Malaysians continue their fair performances. There were only three wins from the contingent in this round. All came from the boys. They came from William Lee Kah Howe (Boys U-12), Mohd Nabil b Azman Hisham (Boys U-16) and Jagathees Guna Balan (Boys U-8).

Click to view full size imageThe draws coming from WFM Nur Najiha bt Azman Hisham (Girls U-12), Camilia Johari (Girls U-12) and Lee Kah Meng Elgin (Boys U-14)


Individual Performances and Current Rank of each Individual Malaysian Player In The WYCC 2010 is shown below:-


In terms of ranking, Wong Yinn Long is the best at rank 13 in his group, Boys U-8. Nobody is in the twenties (20-29).

In the thirties rank include Zainoor Ikmal bt Mohd Noor (Girls U-8) and Puteri Rifqah Fahada bt Azhar (Girls U-10) and Camilia bt. Johari (Girls U-12).

In the forties rank bracket (40-49) stands WCM Nur Nabila bt Azman Hisham alone.

Please view table above for rankings of other Malaysian players. To see more results, please click here.
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