Saturday, January 9, 2010

U.S. Rises To No. 2, WTC In Turkey

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In the fourth round of the World Team Championship (WTC) in Bursa, Turkey, Armenia continue to lead after a win over Brazil, 2.5:1.5. Meanwhile the United States team has risen to number 2 after convincingly beating Egypt, 3-1, in their fourth round game.

Russia has dropped to the third rung with a 2.5:1.5 win over Azerbaijan. Again Russia’s GM Morozevich failed to deliver a point after losing to GM Mamedyarov, Azerbaijan in their game.
Here are the full round 4 results of the WTC, Bursa, Turkey:-
The team standings of participating countries in the WTC after the round 4 play as shown below:-
The rankings column for the teams are shown on the right-most column of the table.
The rankings for the top three are:-
1. Armenia with 10 pts, 6 MP,
2. United States with 10 pts, 6 MP,
3. Russia with 9.5 pts, 6 MP.
(source: WTC, Turkey -
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