Thursday, January 14, 2010

Russia Wins World Team Chess Championship 2009 in Turkey

Here in Bursa, Turkey, results of the last and final ninth round, confirms team Russia as the winner of the World Team Chess Championship 2009 in Turkey with 15 MP and 24 points. Russia beat Israel 3-1 in their final round match.
In second place is team United States, they drew their final round match against Azerbaijan. Amazingly, all four boards were drawn.
The surprise third placed team is India who won against Brazil, 3.5:0.5, giving them 13 MP and 21 points to relegate Azerbaijan to fourth placing  who drew with United States.
Fifth ranked team is Armenia who won 3-1 against Egypt. Greece, the team that sprang a few surprise wins during the tournament against Russia emerged as the sixth ranked team.

          Pix 1. Greece, the surprise team, vs Turkey, the hosts.
Seventh is Israel, who lost to winners Russia. Eighth is Brazil, Ninth, Egypt and silver spoonist, Turkey, the host country of the Team Championship finals.

Here are the two summary tables of the Final Ranking of the teams and round 9 results of the World Team Chess Championship 2009 held on the 13th January 2010 in Bursa, Turkey.


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