Sunday, January 10, 2010

Russia Takes The Lead In WTC, Turkey

Here in Turkey at the World Team Championship(WTC), Russia won over host Turkey, 3.5:0.5, to lead the round-robin championship after round 5 of plays with 13 points and 8 MP.
In second place, United States beat Israel, 2.5:1.5 with 12.5 points and 8 MP. And in third position is Armenia with 12 points, 7 MP after drewing their match with India, 2-2. India is in fourth place.
Pix 1. Hikaru Nakamura (U.S.)
Meanwhile fifth place, Azerbaijan won against  Egypt 3-1 and, seventh ranked, Greece beat Brazil, 3-1.
Here are the team standings after round 5 of plays at the WTC, Bursa, Turkey, 9th January 2010:-

(source: WTC, Turkey)

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