Sunday, January 31, 2010

2nd KL Junior Chess Championship 2010, Rounds 1-3 Results, 30th January 2010

Here are the round 1-3 results of the 2nd KL Junior Chess Championshop 2010 (Under-20) being held at Cochrane Sports Excellence Centre, Cochrane, Kuala Lumpur. Four players have the same 3 full points after 3 rounds of play. They include Muhammad Izz, Teh Wee Zhun, Yap Seng Fei and Nur Farihah bt. Aminuddin.

A few notable players that are participating include Muhammad Izz, Camelia Johari, Andrew Soong Loo Yong, Gabriel Soong Mun Hey, Hew Zhenjing, and Muhammad Faris b Aminuddin (the son of an office colleague). There were 25 players registered for the under-20 2nd KL Junior Chess Championship 2010 of which 15 have National Ratings and I think a few of them even have FIDE ratings to their credit. A few that do have FIDE Ratings for sure are Camelia Johari and Muhammad Izz.

The following tables are the results of rounds 1-3, pairings for round 4 and the ranking after round 3 :-

(click on images for larger view)

(source: Azwan A Rahman)

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