Thursday, May 20, 2010

Round 8 DATCC Chess Team League 2010- Picture Gallery

20 May 2010 – Here are a few pictures of the scenes of the teams playing during the 8th round of the 3rd DATCC KL Chess Team League 2010 on the evening of 19th May 2010.

image    image

Pix 1. Black Pearl.                     Pix 2. Sea Horse.

image     image

Pix 3. Team AU.                       Pix 4. Excel Chess Team.

image      image

Pix 5. Hamid (Ad-Hoc) vs WisePawn(PWC). Pix 6. UKM in full force.

image    image

Pix 7. CS Solutions Ladies Team.   Pix 8. First Saturday Chess Team.

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