Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chess Overboard On Implementing Structured Development Programmes For The Talented Young Malaysian

image 21 May 2010 – In Chess Overboard by Lim Chong, he discusses how talented young chess players such as Rosazman Mat Rosley,  once found, disappears into thin air the next. He then makes comparisons of IM Mok’s rise to International Master which took him 10 years and achieved at the ripe age of 39. At this rate, it will take another generation of players to see Malaysia’s chances of seeing a grandmaster in the making.

With GM resident Ziaur Rahman’s presence in Malaysia, this should be made full use by the talented group of chess players to guide and accelerate their progress and achievement for the country. A push by MCF in the right direction for this group of kids would do a world of good for the country and create better opportunities for Malaysia to ever see her first grandmaster in chess.

Please read more from Lim Chong’s article on “Fulfilling The Promise” or click here.

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