Monday, May 3, 2010

7th Game In Progress, World Chess Ch 2010

Anand3rd May 2010 – The seventh game is in progress in Sofia, Bulgaria for the World Chess Championship between GM Anand and  GM Topalov. For this game, GM Anand is playing white. Anand chose 1.d4 opening. A Bogo-Indian Opening transpired.


The game has reached move 15.e4  Bh3. Earlier white exchanged his bishop for black’s rook at move 12.


At move 20, Anand took the black’s pawn at a7 and without much ado Topalov moved his rook to 20…Re8 almost immediately. It looks like Topalov is playing blitz chess. Or he has come prepared.


At move 32, the rooks were exchanged. 32.Qxg2 Qxc1+. Now at move 40…fxg4, Black has five pawns and a Queen to White’s two pawns and a knight and Queen. Can Anand make his pieces count to win the game?

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