Saturday, May 22, 2010

DATCC last board win!

22 May 2010, Kuala Lumpur – Last Wednesday the DATCC Chess Team played against the teen’s team called First Saturday Chess Team in the 8th round of the 3rd DATCC KL Chess Team League 2010. The match ended in a 2-2 draw. However, DATCC’s player on third board, Suhaimi Mustafa Al-Bakri, played a magnificient game against the talented Yat Guo Jie of First Saturday Chess Team.

The Pirc Defence transpired during the game. Suhaimi played black and employed the Pirc Defence against Yat’s pawn storm on the king-side.


Pix 1. White castles queenside and played 9. Kb1 to protect the a2 pawn.


Pix 2. By move 22, black swings his knight into attack with 22…Nc3+.


Pix 3. By move 28…cxb3, it was obvious black had its own pawn storm on the queenside that was unstoppable. White had two last checks on the black king with 29.Qg5+ and black pushed its king to safety 29… Ke8. The last check by white was 31. Rd8+ and it was downhill for white after that.


Pix 4. White is under check with 36…Qa3+ and if Kxd2, then the c2 pawn queens and white loses his precious queen. With black’s two queens against white’s lonely bishop prospect in the end game, white resigned. 0-1 to black.

Suhaimi Mustafa played a cunning cat-and-mouse game in the Pirc Defence. White lost a few critical tempo to allow black to enter the game. The critical move 28.fxe5 was considered a blunder by Fritz and was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Congratulations to Suhaimi for his excellent win on board three for the DATCC chess team.

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