Monday, October 26, 2009

Rebranding Of GiLoCatur

Top: En. Saleh Abd Latif (above) busy blogging in the rest hall below the playing hall in Bitara Siswa Building, UPSI.
During the recent UPSI Chess Open 2009 in Tanjung Malim, Perak, I suddenly noticed that En Saleh of GiLoCatur webmaster has been wearing a new shirt with the words "GiLoCatur" on his new orange-white short sleeve shirt. And on the back of his shirt is shown the address of his website :

Top: If you look closely on his left breast shirt(above), the new slogan "GiloCatur" clearly shown.

And if you have been following the UPSI Chess Open, one will find that En. Saleh will do his blogging just about anywhere there is a wall plug for his laptop. Since he has a mobile broadband device attached to his laptop, makes him even more mobile. So I was surprised to see him doing his blogging just outside the playing hall, busy blogging with the laptop on his lap. I took a photo with Izam, the President of the UPSI Chess Club as proof for readers to see.

Top: GiloCatur and Izam outside the playing hall in Bitara Siswa, UPSI.


GiLoCatur said...

amboi firey_rook buat close up kat saya no! so, kat UIA nanti kita dok tunggu firey_rook punya rebranding pulak ... wakaka wakaka

Firey_rook said...