Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Magnus, Giri Jointly Leads In Biel Festival 2012

 Carlsen being interviewed during the opening in Biel Chess Festival 2012

25 July 2012, Kuala Lumpur – In Switzerland, Magnus leads after winning his round 2 game against Wang Hao in an Nimzo Indian Opening. Magnus scored 4 points and Giri also scored 4 points. Nakamura and Giri drew their round 2 game. In the third game of the round, Etienne Bacrot of France beat Alexander Morozevich of Russia.


Carlsen-Wang Hao. The official website reported that this time Magnus started with 1.d4 and the game quickly entered in Nimzoindian waters. White played the opening very agressively, pushing the central pawns and winning space at the cost of being slightly underdeveloped. Black castled short, while White castled long and such positions always offer a lot of suspense as a rule of thumb. In general, the winner is the player who manages to organize the attack quicker against opponent’s king, but this time Black was not able to organize some counter play because all white pieces participated in the attack which was unstoppable. With the nice rook sacrifice White obtained a decisive material advantage and Black resigned in move 35.

Carlsen vs Wang Hao, Round 2, Biel Chess Festival 2012. Black resigned on move 35. f4.

Here is the round 2 game between Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Wang Hao of China during the Biel Chess Festival 2012 (source: Internet Chess Club).

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Opening of Biel Chess Festival - Hikaru playing on big chess board

Round 2 Results:


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(Photos from official Biel Chess Festival website)

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