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China, India and Vietnam Win Asian Nations Honors


27 May 2012, Kuala Lumpur – The Asian Nations Cup Team Chess Championship 2012 has concluded and Casto Abundo reports the final round 9 happenings and the final winners of the Asian Nations Cup – China.

Round 9

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The Highlights

WGM Pham Le Thao N
VIE 2390

Sukandar-Pham Le Thao N. after 39...Re5-e1+ 0:1

WIM Chelsie Monica S.
iNA 2181

Chelsie-PhamBN after 47.Rd7-h7 1:0

Atousa Pourkashiyan
WGM IRI 2336

Atousa-Khasanova after 34.Qc6-e6+ 1:0

WIM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh
IRI 2284

Dauletova-Sarasadat after 34.Qc7xf7? The game continued 34...e3! winning the White Knight. Black won on the 57th move.0:1

GM Harika Dronavalli
IND 2508

Harika-Zhai Mo after 24.Re5-e8+ 1:0

China, India and Vietnam Win Honors

Already champion after round 8, China-1 continued its dominance, beating Mongolia 3½:½ to finish with 17 match points.

India blanked Iraq 4:0 to cement their silver finish with 15 points. From left are GMs Krishnan Sasikiran, Abhijeet Gupta, Parimarjan Negi, Hari Krishna Pentala and Gopal Geetha Narayanan.

The Vietnam men's team with Chief Arbiter Gao Zhiqian.
     Vietnam shut out Hong Kong 4:0 to win the bronze Nations Cup. It was decided at the Technical Meeting that three teams from different countries shall win Asian Nations trophies.
China-2 kept pace, beating Chinese Taipei by a 4:0 shutout to finish higher with 13 points. Iran worked hard to earn its 3½:½ victory over Kazakhstan. Singapore whitewashed Yemen by the same 3½:½ score. And Indonesia beat Korea 3:1    

The Chinese team with new Chinese Chess Association president Yang Jun’an (right).
In the women’s division, China-1, already champion after round 8, beat Mongolia by a similar 3½:½ score as their male compatriots.

India beat China-3 by 2½:1½ on the win by GM Harika Dronavalli as the other three boards were drawn.

The Vietnamese Women's team with Asian Chess Federation Deputy President Casto Abundo and Chief Arbiter Gao Zhiqian.
Vietnam edged Indonesia 2½:1½ on wins by Pham Le Thao and Pham Bich Ngoc.
China-2 blanked Singapore 4:0 to tie India at 14 points. Iran tried to land in the medal standings as they beat Kazakhstan 3:1. Iran tied Vietnam at 8 match points each but in game points tie break had 16½ game points. Vietnam won the tie with 18 game points.
China-3 had higher final score of 11 match points but as decided at the Technical Meeting that three teams from different countries shall win Asian Nations trophies, the bronze Nations Cup was won by Vietnam.

  Editor: Casto Abundo  Photos by Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh

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