Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anand Retains World Championship 2012


The above rapid game 2 was the winning rapid game between Anand-Gelfand after ending in a draw 6-6 at the end of the 12 classical times. reported that Viswanathan Anand is World Chess Champion 2012 after he defeated Boris Gelfand in the final match played in Moscow.

With equal score in the classical games (1 win and 5 draws each) the tournament was decided in a tiebreak. Anand won rapid game 2 which proved enough to retain the title he has held from Mexico 2007, Bonn 2008, and Sofia 2010. reported that World Champion Vishy Anand has retained his title in a tense and exciting tie-break playoff with Boris Gelfand.

The Indian champion missed a winning opportunity in the first game with black, but won the second game of the 4-game tie-break when some excellent preparation drove Gelfand into terrible time-trouble and he lost a drawn ending.

Anand was lucky to survive a cramped position in game three, with the challenger missing the crushing 26. Nxe4, and Anand drew the final game to retain the title.

After the match Anand's immediate reaction was, "I'm too tense to be happy, but I'm really relieved".

Congratulations to Anand!

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