Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gunina, Foisor Leads At Euro Women’s Individual 2012


10 March 2012, Kuala Lumpur – In Turkey, Gunina Valentina became the new leader at the European Women’s Individual after winning against Hoang Thanh Trang on top board during round 7.

Gunina and Foisor share the leadership with 6 points each. Followed closely by top seed, Anna Muzychuk and Hoang at third spot with 5.5 points each.



In the seventh round, top seed IM Anna Muzychuk met GM Marie Sebag, the early leader during the European Women’s Individual Chess Championship 2012. Muzychuk had a white d-pawn on d7 with a rook and knight against black’s bishop and knight. As black will soon be a piece down if white queens its pawn at d8 and black takes it with the bishop, giving white to win it with the white rook at h8. Muzhchuk won this crucial game against Sebag giving her an important point and catapulting her back into contention at third rank after the seventh round with 5.5 points.

Replay the game Muzychuk-Sebag below:-

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