Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Closed Update

National Closed Update

20th March 2011, Kuala Lumpur - At the National Closed, Lim Zhuo Ren (pix above) takes a commanding lead with another win on top board. He has scored 7.5 points and a clear point from the chasing pack. He will now meet IM Jimmy Liew in the last round. Lim looks set to win the title of Champion and earn the right to use the title "National Master (NM)" in front of his name.

Meanwhile in the women's section, WCM Nur Nabila (pictured above) is the clear leader. She has scored 7.0 points from 8 rounds of play. Trailing behind are sister WFM Nur Najiha and defending champion, WCM Fong Mi Yen with 6 points each.

Open 8th round results, NC 2011.

Open Results OfRound 8, NC 2011.

Women's 8th round results, NC 2011.

Ranking Open After 8th Round, NC 2011.

Rankings Women's After 8th Round, NC 2011.

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