Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jax Steamrolls At Excel FIDE

L to R, Chia, Bernard Ng

Pix 1. Chia (Left), Bernard Ng.

20 February 2011, Kuala Lumpur – At the Excel FIDE-Rated Tournament Feb.-March 2011, Jax Tham continues his dominance with a solid 4 points lead after the fourth round.

Mohd Noor Azam b Mohd Noor Muhd Hafidzuddin b Junaidi

Pix 2. Muhammad Noor Azam b Mohd Noor. Pix 3. Muhd Hafidzuddin b Junaidi

Azam (above pix left) is second with 3.5 points. While Chia and Puteri Rifqah at joint third with 3.0 points. Bernard, Faqih and Hafid at joint fifth with 2.0 points each.

Here is the cross-table for the Excel FIDE-Rated Feb.-March 2011 after the 4th Round shown below:-


L-R, Arif and Nadia Muhammad Faqih b Aminuddin

  Pix.4. Arif and Nadia.         Pix 5. Muhd Faqih b Aminuddin.

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