Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ivanchuk Leads Into Final Round, Gibraltar Masters

3 February 2011, Kuala Lumpur – John Saunders of TWIC reports that Vassily Ivanchuk and Nigel Short continued their winning ways in round 9. Ivanchuk won on the black side of a Berlin (though a check with Fritz and a comment from a fellow blogger says it is the Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation) against Fabiano Caruana and Nigel Short won as white against Victor Mikhalevski. This leaves Ivanchuk on 8/9 half a point clear of Short. The main chasing pack is a further point behind Short.

The top 24 players after the ninth round of the Gibraltar Masters is shown in the table below:-

Here is the ninth round game between Caruana and Ivanchuk during the Gibraltar Masters 2011. The Ruy Lopez – Exchange variation transpired during the game and black won by controlling the second rank with a rook and queen.

Here are some round 9 results for the top 34 boards.



Raymond Siew said...

Hey Sham, Mark says this is the exchange variation. Not the Berlin wall. Great, great job my friend. Thank you for your efforts.

Firey_rook said...

Hi Raymond,
Yes, you are right! Just did a check with Fritz and it says Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation.
I will edit onto the blog. I guess Mr Saunders of TWIC had it wrong! Thanks, Raymond. :)