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Le Quang Liem plays Peter Svidler in Round 4, Game 2, World Cup 2013

Le Quang Liem vs Peter Svidler in Game One, Round 4, World Cup 2013

Pix 1. Le vs Svidler, Round 4, Game 1, FIDE World Cup 2013, Tromso, Norway last night, 20 Aug 2013. (Photo from official website of FIDE World Cup 2013)

21 August 2013, Kuala Lumpur – The round 4, game 2 has started in the FIDE World Cup 2013 in Tromso, Norway and if you wish to follow live, please click here.

World Cup Tromso 2013

In last night’s first game of round 4, the week in chess website mentioned that Peter Svidler got into a terrible mess against Le Quang Liem, Svidler knew more theory but this in fact did not help as Le's new 13.0-0-0 (Fressinet went the other way in the Alekhine Memorial against Vitiugov a game Le did not remember) covering the b-pawn left Svidler struggling. 14...f5 may not be the right move as 15.Nd5! is very annoying. 23.Rxd5! Rxd5 24.e6+! was white's concrete win missed by both players. After Le missed this Svidler was back in the game. 33.Kb3 allowed Svidler to equalise and 38...Ke6 playing for a win may have been best although probably the position should be drawn. Svidler was just relieved to have escaped.

Live Round 4, Game 2, World Cup 2013

No early draws in game 2 of round 4 and the commentators take a short early coffee break.

Le vs Svidler, Game 2, Rd 4, FIDE World Cup 2013

Le vs Svidler, Game 2, Rd 4


Le vs Svidler, G 2, Rd 4, Tromso World Cup 2013

Le vs Svidler, game 2, round 4, move 17, Tromso World Cup 2013

Kramnik is the first person to get through to round 5 after drawing his second game against Ivanchuk. Black played 30…f5, Ivanchuk offered a draw and his hand reached over the board and Kramnik accepted the offer. Congratulations to Kramnik.

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