Thursday, May 16, 2013

Carlsen winning game of round 6, Norway Chess 2013

Carlsen vs Radjabov - Norway Chess 2013

16 May 2013, Kuala Lumpur – In round 6 of the Norway Supertournament being held in Sandnes, Norway, GM Magnus Carlsen won his round 6 game against Radjabov. However, Sergey Karjakin is the sole leader with 4.5 points after round 6. In second place, Carlsen with 4.0 points.

The official website reported that just like in previous rounds of Norway Chess 2013, round 6 offered a lot of entertainment for the audience. We saw one pretty brutal win, one pretty boring draw, one exciting draw where none of the players ever seemed to get the upper hand, one nail biting draw where the worse side held on by the slimmest of margins and finally a totally exhausting end game squeeze where the relentless pressure eventually became too much for the defending side.

In other words, Hammer lost rather brutally to Aronian, Topalov and Wang Hao played a peaceful draw, Nakamura and Svidler both stayed in control in their sharp battle, Karjakin barely saved a draw against world champion Anand, and Carlsen managed to bank another full point in a long grind against Radjabov.


Standings after round 6 - Norway Chess 2013

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