Saturday, February 16, 2013

Grand Final, Aeroflot Open 2013

16 Feb 2013, Kuala Lumpur – The Grand Final of the Aeroflot Chess Open 2013 begins today. Eight guest stars and eight winners qualifying competitions will be vying to become the new Aeroflot Open 2013 champion.


Final 16 Players:


Quarterfinalists – Last Eight:


Pairings of Quarterfinals (K.O. format):


Chessdom reported that a game that immediately catches the eye is Wang Hao –Dmitry Andreikin. The Nimzo-Indian used by the Russian invited Hao to close the position and avoid every possible pawn confrontation, so there were no pawn exchanges during the first 82(!!) moves. Just 6 moves later, Wang Hao proved that his passed h-pawn was stronger than Andreikin’s piece advantage and closed the game with decisive score.

Eight players enter the quarter-finals comprising of Grischuk, Mamedyarov, Svidler, Nepomniachtchi, Wang Hao, Karjakin, Eljanov and Kamsky.

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