Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anand in Grenke Chess!

16 Feb 2013, Kuala Lumpur – In the 1st Grenke Chess Classic being held in Baden-Baden, Germany, six of the world’s best chess players are playing. Among them are Anand Viswanathan of India and Fabiano Caruana of Italy.

Anand vs Meir, Round 8, GRENKE Chess

The official website describes Grenke Classic - For the first time ever the Baden-Baden Chess Centre (Schachzentrum Baden-Baden) is hosting a Category 19 GM tournament, the Baden-Baden GRENKE Chess Classic. This event will continue the tradition of great chess tournaments that the well-known southern German spa town has established over the last two centuries.

Baden-Baden is also renowned in the chess world as the home of OSG Baden-Baden, the most successful German club since the 1990s. In the same period we set up the Baden-Baden Chess Centre to lay the foundations for making Baden-Baden into an important centre for the European chess community.

The main event of the chess fortnight will be the Baden-Baden GRENKE Chess Classic, a supertournament providing three top German players with the chance to face three established world class players on their own soil.

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Here is a game between Anand and Meir in Grenke Chess Classic, Baden-Baden, Germany 2013. Anand has the white pieces and the game ended in a draw.

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Standings After Round 8:

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