Monday, April 11, 2011

DATCC Calendar Events For April – May 2011

11 April 2011, Kuala Lumpur – Here is an important message from Najib Wahab, the management of DATCC, about the chess events taking place in April and May 2011 for all chess enthusiasts to take note.

Greetings Chess Players, Supporters, Enthusiasts and Friends

Thank you for your continuous support and interest in our chess events and activities. The following is an update of our calendar for the month of April and May. It looks like a full calendar for DATCC moving on from this weekend onwards after a few “quiet” weekends.

We look forward to having you to be a part of our programs, sharing our mutual objective of creating healthy, enjoyable and rewarding experience with fellow members from our chess community.

16th April (Sat)               - Chess Classes for Beginners (Session 1)

17th April (Sun)               - Insofar Scholarship Junior Event and Elite Open

23rd April (Sat)                - Chess Classes for Beginners (Session 2)

24th April (Sun)                - PERCAWI Labor Day Team Event

28th April to 2nd May (Thu/Sun)  - SELANGOR OPEN CHESS CH

7th May (Sat)                   - Chess Classes for Beginners (Session 3)

7th and 8th May (Sat/Sun)  - MCF Selection Event

14th May (Sat)                 - Chess Classes for Beginners (Session 4)

15th May (Sun)                 - Insofar Chess Event

21st May (Sat)                  - Chess Classes for Beginners (Session 5)

21st May (Sat)                  - PETRONAS Gas Chess Club Event

22nd May (Sun)                   - DATCC Warrior Rapid Weekend

28th May (Sat)                  - Chess Classes for Beginners (Session 6)

28th May (Sat)                  - Nf6 FIDE Rated Event (Round 1, Round 2)

Thank you and Warm Regards

Najib Abdul Wahab


Program Manager/Coordinator

Tel: +6016 338 2542


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