Saturday, June 23, 2018

Johor Closed 2018, 22-23 June 2018

22 June 2018, Kuala Lumpur - The Johor Closed 2018 is being held in Johor Bahru over a two day chess tournament using a 60 minutes time control and over 6 or 7 Swiss rounds. It is being held on level 36, City Square Tower Office, Johor Bahru.

Picture 1. City Square Office Tower, Johor Bahru the tournament venue. (photo courtesy: M Zullghafari Saparmin)

56 players registered for the tournament.

After the third round of play, five players end with 3 points each. They are Abdullah Mohd Kamal, Tukiran Taulani, Jamaluddin Mohd Haizal, Di Xu Wei dan Voon Min Vui.

The following is the fourth round pairing shown on the server for the on-going Johor Closed 2018.

Table 1. Round 4 Pairings, Johor Closed 2018.

Table 2. Rankings After Round 3, Johor Closed 2018.

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