Sunday, April 7, 2013

Interesting Final Round Lost Games in London Candidates

7 April 2013, Kuala Lumpur – Carlsen is finally through to the World Championship to meet the defending World Champion, Vishy Anand sometime in November of this year despite losing the final round 14th in the London Candidates recently.

The Week In Chess website reported that  Magnus Carlsen has qualified at the age of 22 for a World Chess Championship match against current holder Viswanathan Anand. Going into the final round Carlsen was tied on 8.5/13 with Vladimir Kramnik but the tie-break of more wins being decisively in his favour so he only needed to match Kramnik's result. As it turned out both players lost in yet another dramatic twist in the final rounds of this event.

Carlsen played 1.e4 and this was met by the Ruy Lopez from Svidler. The position became very complicated and Carlsen gradually got into terrible time trouble seeking an advantage which if it was there (30.Bh8!!) was impossible to find for a human. Carlsen was highly critical of this impractical approach. Svidler hit Carlsen with a number of body blows which Carlsen had 10 seconds to make 5 moves after which his position was a wreck. Svidler won rather quickly after that.

Fortunately for Carlsen his rival Vladimir Kramnik was already in a lost position too. Kramnik played the Pirc defence as black against Vassily Ivanchuk and achieved a satisfactory position, he too didn't really know whether a draw or a win was enough. About move 29 the game was equal, 35...Rc8 was terrible and with 41.Qd5 Ivanchuk had an overwhelming position which he thought about for about 25 minutes and found a clean finish.






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