Sunday, September 23, 2012

London GP 2012, Round 2 Results


23 Sep 2012, Kuala Lumpur – In London, two definitive results of round 2 were wins by Peter Leko over Ivanchuk and GM Nakamura over GM Kasimdzhanov. Other boards were drawn.

 Peter Leko vs Ivanchuk Vassily, round 2 London GP 2012

Here is the round 2 game between GM Peter Leko and GM Vassily Ivanchuk during the London Grand Prix 2012. The official website reported that Vasily Ivanchuk started his tournament with the black pieces twice in a row. The Ukrainian GM decided to go for the "French defence". It's well known that Vasily can play any opening against anyone! By taking the control of the "d4" square, it appeared that Leko had the situation under control. Peter mentioned after the game that the decisive mistakes of Ivanchuk were 32...Kf7 and 33...hxg5. The position was hopeless for Ivanchuk who resigned after 42 moves.

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Official website round 2 report:

(Photo provided by Ray Morris-Hill Photography ( ) at official website)

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