Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Malaysia has the edge


29 August 2012, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia’s match against Monaco. Lim Yee Weng and Mok’s games indicate they have an edge at the moment. If they can turn their games to a win for Malaysia, then the tide shall turn for Malaysia. The diagrams above illustrate the current positions of the pieces for the four boards for Malaysia.


Jimmy Liew just won white’s queen against Gentilleau and looks winning for Malaysia now on that board. The white queen was trapped and had to take the bishop on g7 and the knight at h5 took the queen 24…Nxg7.

Three boards looks winning for Malaysia – Lim Yee Weng against Villegas, Jimmy Liew against Gentilleau and Mok Tze-Meng against Monaco’s GM Efimov. Let’s hope our players convert these winning positions to wins and board points for Malaysia!

(Chess diagrams of Malaysia – Monica, Round 2, courtesy of

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