Sunday, May 7, 2017

New Design Cover Competition for Malaysian Chess Festival 2017

6th May 2017, Kuala Lumpur - The organisers of the upcoming Malaysia Chess Festival 2017 have come up with a Design Competition for the Malaysia Chess Festival. The terms and conditions of the Design Competition are set out as below:-





MCFDCS is organizing this contest to create a new design for this year’s Malaysian Chess Festival 2017. This Design will portray and reflect the identity of the Malaysian Chess Festival for 2017. The design will be used for the Backdrop, Souvenir Programme Cover, Certificates, Invitation Cards, Medals and T-shirts.

1.    This contest is free and open to all Malaysians.

2.    Participants can send in as many entries arts as possible. Only one design will be chosen as winning piece.

3.    All art work must be original and MUST NOT be plagiarized or copied from any other sources/designs.

4.    All designs submitted for the contest will be the property of the MCFDCS. Copyright of all the artwork/design belongs to MCFDCS and participants have no right to claim the art work as individual property. In the designs chosen by the Organizer, the MCFDCS has full authority to make changes and edit the design submitted as it deems fit.

5.   The top three winners will be given cash prizes, certificates and medals.
Participants have to provide the following particulars listed below on submission of the design:

a.   Full name
b.   IC number
c.   HP number
d.   Email address
e.   School (if student)

6. The design must be original. It should not contain any elements of defamation, sedition as well as sensitive issues that offend other parties. The size of the design should be not more than 8 inch (height) X 16 inch (width) or 8 inch (height) x 12 inch (width) preferably landscape view.

7. All art works must be sent by digital format using JEPG/PDF or other readable/viewable format. Hard copies must be kept for collection by the organizer.

8. MCFDCS will not be held responsible if there is any claim from third party as a result of violation of art copyright. In this case, MCFDCS has the right and authority to take action towards participants that send in art works that violates the copyright of other parties.

9. Hard copies can be sent by post to: DAT Chess Centre, F-3A-09 StarParc Point,  Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.

10. The Designer/Artist has a free hand to design. NO WORDS ARE NECESSARY for the design. There are no restrictions on color or medium used. All art works will be judged and chosen by the MCFDCS Committee. The three best design designs will be selected.

11. To participate in this contest, participants have to design Malaysian Chess Festival design based on one’s creativity.

12. Send in the art work and participation form to contest to the Secretariat email address. Design created by the three finalists will be displayed to the public on the websites and exhibited during the Chess Festival. This contest will start on 1st May and the closing date is 1st July 2017.

13. Winners will receive cash prizes as listed below:

1.    Champion: RM 500.00 + Certificate + Medal
2.    Second:        RM 300.00 + Certificate + Medal
3.    Third:             RM 200.00 + Certificate + Medal
All information regarding this contest can be acquired on Malaysian Chess Festival official webpage as follows:

Malaysian Chess Festival has the right to reject entries. All personal information of participants is controlled under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

To see complete instructions in multiple languages - please click here.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Twenty Percent Discount For Malaysia Chess Festival 2017

4th May 2017, Kuala Lumpur  - The organisers of the Malaysia Chess Festival 2017 has decided to offer a twenty percent discount on paid registration for selected chess tournaments till 15th May 2017. For details please read the flyer below:

Monday, May 1, 2017

FM Nouri Alekhine edges out Wan Abd Rahim at Selangor Challengers 2017

1st May 2017, Kuala Lumpur - At the Selangor Challengers Chess 2017, FM Nouri Alekhine edges out Wan Abd Rahim Wan Mohd Azmie on superior tie-break points as both scored 7.5 points. FM Nouri scored six wins and three draws.

Below is the final ninth round chess results of the 44th Selangor Challenger Chess Tournament 2017.

Final 9th round results of Selangor Challengers 2017

IM Dimakiling Oliver tops the Selangor Open 2017

1st May 2017, Kuala Lumpur - IM Dimakiling beat 66 other chess players to top the Selangor Open 2017 that has just concluded this evening at the CitiTel MidValley Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. He scored an excellent 7.5 points. He managed six wins and three draws in this year's chess tournament.

Below is the final 9th round chess results of the 44th Selangor Open Chess Tournament 2017.
Round 9 - Results - Selangor Open Chess 2017